PhD internships

WCMCS internships are directed to PhD students enrolled in scientific institutions outside Warsaw. The interns will participate in lectures and seminars at the institutions of WCMCS (MIMUW or IMPAN, Warsaw branch) as well as in the research projects conducted by the faculty of WCMCS. The interns are supervised by mentors from WCMCS; they also teach up to 60 hours per semester.

The length of an internship is a semester (Fall: October 1 st through January 31 and Spring: February 15th through June 15th) and it can be extended to up to three semesters. The monthly renumeration is 4000PLN, before taxes. The calls for applications to this program are announced twice a year: in the Fall (mid-October through mid-November) and in the Spring (mid-March through mid-April).

The list of the WCMCS interns is posted here.

The detailed information regarding the rules of the program is here.